Google integrates Duo into Pixel’s dialer, SMS and Contacts app for making it easy to use


In the messaging market, there is a lot of competition be it Facebook’s Whatsapp, Google’s Allo and Duo. To stay in this industry what is now required is providing it’s users with latest features and regularly updating it.

Google Duo

That is what Google is now working on. Google has been slowly updating it’s communication apps: Allo and Duo. So that these apps stay upto the mark of user expectation. But with the latest update from Google, company is integrating it’s Duo into more apps. Now how will this help? By integrating it with other apps, Google’s Duo video calling can be used by the click of a button. So now users don’t need to open up the app to use it.

This can be done with the Google Pixel Phone app. It has been recently updated. Now under this app you will get the tabs of contacts, phone, messaging as well as contacts who are already using Duo.

But the video icon will only be available if your carrier provides the video calling service. And other person also uses the same device. So such option will be given more preference than Duo.

For now, it’s just the beginning. It may take some time and users also might have to update the apps manually. But this integration will be worth it. 


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