Google loves to keep innovating and developing. They have just released an all-new India specific application known as the Neighbourly. The app is targeted to a general citizen as it will make people aware of their locality. It is basically a question and answers app in which you can ask any question from your neighbor about the locality. The app is currently in development phase, so let’s check out more about this app in detail.

Whats is Google Neighbourly App?

As its name suggests “Neighbourly”, here you can ask local queries from people around you. You can ask typical local questions like the best saloon in a locality, about a doctor, a cinema hall, etc. Once your question will get live after posting the people around you will try to reply your query. One can post his/her query on this platform in two ways: by typing and by transcribing. You can speak your query instead of typing and the app will automatically convert it into text.

For now, the app recognizes English and eight other Indian languages. A user if knowing something about an area then can simply give a reply to a specific question. As per Google’s criteria the more you answer to questions the more you will get recognized. To protect user’s privacy the Google will not show your personal information including phone number, full name, contact information, etc. The app is in beta stage and is only available in Mumbai area, soon Google will increase its reach but for now, no other info is there. For more Android related stuff stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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