Google Blog Compass App

It would not be wrong if we will say Google take care of every type of user. They’ve developed the best Video platform known as YouTube and for creators, they have the YouTube Studio app. This time Google has taken a new step by introducing a separate application for bloggers. The app is known asBlog Compass and as mentioned above it is purely built for the person running blogs. It provides a number of features which person in this industry desire of. So without making any delay let’s know more about it.

Google Blog Compass

You all will be surprised to know that this the only Google platform to manage different types of blogs. Fortunately, the application is compatible with the two major existing platforms called WordPress and Google’s own blogging service Blogger. The app is available for the Indian user, however, is in Beta stage for now. The app provides all essentials including analytics, resources for good blogging practices, the content of individual blogs, etc.

According to Google, it is the one-stop solution for all needs of bloggers. Google says that a blogger uses multiple platforms to manage his/her blog efficiently and effectively, their Blog Compass application provides a whole lot of features in a single package. It can be used in Hindi and English both languages, it can be downloaded for free through Google Play Store. Depending upon its popularity and demand Google will introduce it in other regions as well. For more tech updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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