Google has introduced many new stuff yesterday at Google I/O 2015 conference’s 1st day. Google Announced Android M developer preview and its all features from fingerprint scanner to Project Doze. Also there are many new advancements that are debuted in the Google Now client, Project Brillio is also a new thing that swapped eyes of many developers. In between these we missed Smart Lock Password Manager, which is a manager that can save your password and will allow apps to automatically sign in to them (if you have earlier signed up with them).


Above said automatic logins are extended to any Android device with your Google account, include Chrome on the desktop.

Log into Netflix one time on your smartphone and then never have to type a password again on your tablet or Android TV. And this works with Chrome as well, so saving your credentials in the desktop browser.

Here what developer’s guide says:

“Use successfully retrieved credentials to sign the user in, or use the Credential API to rapidly on-board new users by partially completing your app’s sign in or sign up form. Prompt users after sign-in or sign-up to store their credentials for future automatic authentication.”

So do you like this feature? Share your =views via comments below.

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