Google Duo is unarguably the best rated high quality video calling service available for smartphones. Now, a new video messages support that has made its way to the Duo must be a long yearned add-on for majority of the Duo users. Such that, a caller can now send voicemail kinda video messages if their video calls are left unattended or unreachable at the receivers end. A much needed feature, isn’t it?

All the way through its journey, Google has gradually added more useful features that made it a perfect dedicated tool for making video chats. And, this new video messages is yet another brilliant investment from Google to make its app a step ahead of the competitors. The search-engine giant on its blog said these words regarding the new roll-out:

“People aren’t always available on demand when cool stuff is happening, but “you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about”

An option to Leave Video Message will be displayed on the call screen as soon as you start a call. Well, if the receiver is taking too long to attend your call or is unreachable at that moment. Than you may click on the option to send a video message. Thereby, the hotness of the news that you’re trying to convey your client/friends can be delivered intact.

Once the video message is received on the other end, for a better user experience, A “call now” button is also displayed after messages are played back by the receiver.

The feature seems to be rolling-out in phases and is gradual. Hence, if it’s not seen on your Duo app as of now, don’t panic as soon will be available at your side as well. Make sure you are on latest Google Duo v29.0.18 app to be rest assured of the video messaging availability.

Google Duo v29.0.18: Apkmirror.


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