Google I/O : Project Ara dev edition coming in Q4 2016 and will launch in 2017 for Consumers


Project Ara is still alive and Google even made two announcements on Ara i.e Developer Edition will be out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. Moreover, the Project Ara modular smartphone will be available for consumers in 2017.

Project Ara

Project Ara is a modular smartphone in which you can swap the modules to change the camera, add extra battery power, insert high-quality speakers, or add storage to your device. And they let you do all of that without even rebooting your phone… or tablet, because Google says the Ara platform will eventually expand to form factors other than smartphones.

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Along with the announcements of Dev Edition by Q4 2016 and consumer availability by 2017, The panel also showed some examples of Ara modules, such as one that can monitor blood sugar levels for people who have diabetes. Google plans to offer the Ara Developer Edition sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016.


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