Getting your desired job is one of the best things one can have in his/her life. These days hundreds of websites are available which provides several listings associated with distinct companies. At times it becomes very typical for a user to choose between these platforms, however, Google has come up with a solution. Google has earlier announced its Job hunt feature which is built directly into the search menu. Still, this feature is not available to a number of countries, however, as per the latest details this service has been extended.

If you are a citizen living in U.K then our today’s story might help you a lot. Now you can search for different jobs easily as there is no need to go through various platforms. You just have to type about the jobs you are looking for in the search bar and Google will do rest of the work for you. It shows distinct places available in various companies in one place. Although after selecting the appropriate listing you have to visit a different website to complete the application process.

It will show different websites in which listings have been posted and makes everything super sorted and easy. It is already available in countries like Spain, India, Africa, U.S, etc. Specifically for U.K Google is working with The Guardian Jobs,, Gumtree, etc. Their partners may vary from country to country. For more Tech updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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