Google Keep adds 4 new colors available on desktop, yet nothing for Android App


Google Keep is showing their users with the four new possible colors options for notes, for a total of 12. It is only available in the desktop version and even Android version v3.4.881 or above has not received the new colors. The Android App only offers 8 colors as of now.

The four new colors are purple, pink, dark blue or a type of light brown. From our point of view, purple and dark blue appear good through the contrast with the black text but other two also look a little good.

Notes will keep their color on the desktop as long as you don’t mix up with the color picker on your phone. If you choose any of these colors for your note on the web, it will show as colorless on mobile. So the apps are not able to change the colors yet.

An update should do the trick but for now, you can go for any of these four colors, you are still going to see a white note on your phone. All the four colors are amazing, so whichever you try will bring something new.


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