Google Launched Android Instant Apps lets you use them without installing


Google launched its new project called Android Instant Apps which runs instantly without installing which provides the people with wider range of Apps.

Android Instant Apps will be available to all phones running Android 4.2 or later and via an update to the Google Play Services software coming “later this year,” will attempt to bridge that gap. Instant Apps are designed to provide the richer, Android-native experience of an app combined with the convenience and the lower data and storage usage of a mobile website.

When users tap an Instant App URL than the user will be taken directly to an app that runs without installing. Developers who want to offer Instant Apps will have to modularize their apps so that users don’t have to install the entire app just to use certain features of it—this is where most of the data savings come from.

If you’re interested in learning more about Android Instant Apps, please check out the Android developers website, where you can sign up for updates as they become available. We can’t wait to see what you build when your app is just a tap away.

Until now Google has launched:

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