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Google Home is here to Rival of Amazon Echo at Google I/O 2016. This is the company’s answer to the online retailer’s Echo line that allows you to get a hand from Alexa with a range of different daily tasks. Google Home also works with Virtual Assistant which can take your voice commands and execute them.

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Like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home is also a speaker that can keep music and entertainment streaming directly from the cloud to insure the high quality. It also offers Chromecast support, so you can group it with your other speakers for multi-room audio, or start playing videos on your television with Chromecast.

It has a Modular case which can be customized with different base shells to match your decor.It also have some LED lights on the top of it which tell you it is working on your commands. Google Home also acts as the Hub for you which connects to all of your household devices like lights, camera, thermostats, small appliances and more.

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Google Home will Launch Later this year, but Google announced that they are showcasing Google Home at I/O so that developers and third-party device makers can see what the speaker and its virtual assistant are capable of. For more information Stay Tuned.

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