google jamboard app

Google is here with a new app to support the new smart whiteboard product. It is electronic board which allows you to draw anything on its white display. It is solely business product and obviously you are not going to use it. You can if you have $5,000 for smart whiteboard. Also, if you are going to buy it then surely checkout its rolling stand which costs additional $1,200.

google jamboard app

coming back from that, today Google has launched a new app, Jamboard app to control your smart whiteboard. Well, the app is available for free but we don’t find any use of it without the whiteboard.

Google has not embedded many features in the app but you can do more with the tablets. If you have Android phone then you can only add content from the device to the Jam. While using it on  tablets allows you to create new jams, and edit the jams you already created on a Jamboard.

Now, if you are ready to install. Then hit the download button below to head over to the Play Store.

Play Store


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