Google launches new features for Google+ Pages, adds noise control to your stream and more


Google has just announced a pretty impressive list of new features for Google+ users.
One of the main complaints users have had is the noise – or more importantly – having very little control over it on Google+. Now you can be sure to see all the posts you want to using a new slider which is visible at the top of each circle. You can then determine just how much of that circle will appear in your main stream.

After launching Google+ pages to much fanfare, Google is making a few changes to the feature, finally making it easier to assign administrators. Companies can now delegate up to 50 administrators for any page, with notifications, and more. Page administrators will also be able to find out more about their users, with an aggregated user count of users who have +1′d your page, or added it to their circles.

Google+ has certainly been the rising star among the online photography community so it’s great to see more features being added into the mix. An already pretty impressive looking lightbox has been redesigned with improved navigation, enhanced comments and all-in-all, a better experience. Not to be outdone by Facebook, Google+ also has a new and more intuitive photo-tagging feature.

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