Google Launches its Trips App for Travel Lovers


Google Today launched its new Google Trips App for Holidays and all the travel lovers. The Google Trips App will organize every aspect of your travels and even give you some useful suggestions.

Google Trips

When you’re planning a holiday the main stress is how to figure out squeeze everything you want to do into a finite window of time of your holiday, especially when you’re in a new place. Googe Trip will organize every day of your trip for you. The app organizes your plane tickets and hotel reservations, offers travel guides for over 200 cities around the world and makes personalized recommendations based on your Google history. More importantly, it works offline which means if you don’t get internet at any point of time than you will not out of options.

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Holidays are a chance to recharge/relax and experience new places and cultures. So Google Trips are the great app for every traveler. Google Trips, available now on both Android and iOS. People who installed Google Trips App do tell us about your experiences through comments below.


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