What is Google Lens and how it allows you to search on the go using your smartphone camera ?


It was on last wednesday, when Google officially announced its 2017 lineup of Pixel smartphones along with other myriads of hardwares. In fact, the launch event of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also marked the official release of Google Lens to the public.

So, let us have an intro about Google’s new AR feature pet named as Google Lens. Also, the capability and utility that Google Lens can offer to the Android users.

Google Lens

Don’t get confused with the Google’s once abandoned Google Glass and the Google Lens, since they are totally different. Google Glass is a hardware device, whereas the Google Lens –  a software feature.

Anyway, the Google Lens is first announced at Google I/O 2017. However, the feature was not made available to users then. But, on last wednesday Google announced the Pixel 2, which boarded Google Lens along with it. Consequently, releasing the Google Lens to public.

Function of Google Lens

Google developed the Google Lens to make web searches easier and smart. In a sense, Google Lens functions similar to Google Goggles app and Samsung’s Bixby Vision feature. However, in an advanced manner utilising the power of Google Assistant and AR Core.

Google Lens scans your photos, either snapped or saved and provide additional details about what is in the photo.

With Google Lens a user can initiate a web search using the smartphone camera. That is, the tool can provide you with the relevant information based on what your camera sees. For example:  If you point your camera to a restaurant, it will instantly pop up reviews and information about the restaurant. Or, capture photo of a Flower and you will get the info about the flower, such as its name, type and more.

By the way, Google Lens is not a dedicated app that can be installed on the Android device and make use of. Instead, it’s a feature integrated into Google Photos and Google Assistant. So, inorder to access Google Lens, tap on the Lens icon that gets highlighted when viewing a photo.

What All We Can Do With Google Lens

Google Lens can be used to make the following actions easier.

  • Connect to a Wifi Modem: Point your camera to a Wi-fi sticker, the app will automatically connect to the Wi-fi source that has been scanned.
  • Scan Posters: Provide details and informations about a movie based on a poster.
  • Reviews and Ratings: the tool shows reviews and ratings for a business based off the storefront.
  • Details Of a Book: Point the camera to the coverpage of a book. The service provides details such as book’s name, author, availability of the book in online stores and much more.

Debuts in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Soon will extend to other Assistants and Phones

Unfortunately, the Google Lens is now available exclusively for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices only. Nevertheless, Google might roll out the Lens to other Android devices and Assistants in near future.

Most probably, 2016 Pixel smartphones, and certain Android One Project based smartphones could get it earlier than other smartphones.

Watch this video given below, showcasing the functionality of Google Lens in Pixel 2.



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