Google and Levis Coming With Smart Denim Jacket this Year


Well, it is quite different news that after Smart Home, TV and many other things. Now finally, your clothes are also going to be smarter. Google and Levis are working on a project which will bring you smart denim Jacket by the end of this year.

google levis smart denim jacket

The jacket is part of the continuing development of Project Jacquard, a system for turning fabric into a digital sensor that can then be linked with a smartphone to control applications like music players and navigation.

It is not a new project, it was also showcased at last year’s IO.

Now, as per our views, this is going to be the original wearable tech. Google incroporation with Levis is not the final thing. they are also coming with commercial uniform maker Cintas to bring Jacquard into the enterprise as well.

So this is going to be the big deal that Google is going to do this year.

Well, missed many announcements? You can check Google IO 2016 coverage over here.


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