Google Loon Trials To Start Soon in India


Remember, the Project loon, Google’s internet from the Balloons to the rural areas or from wherever it goes, it will provide internet access in the in the form of Fi network.

project-loon India

In the month of march, Indian Telecos also agreed to test Project loon in partnership with Google. At that time Google MD said, “The actual provisioning of the service is done by a local telco. So, we’re talking to a number of local telcos, We can’t do a Loon pilot without partnering with a local telco.”

Now, Government’s IT and Communication department is in talks with Google. As stated by ET news, Government official said, “We are trying to test the effectiveness of Loon in the interiors of the country, since there is already ample connectivity in urban areas.” 

The tests are going to be taken place in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra.

Further stated, “We will identify the location and then approach the civil aviation ministry for permission. It will be done like in the case of joy rides-we will provide specifics in terms of the starting and closing time of the pilot for them to be adequately informed.”

There are some obstacles which need to be rectified before the service rollout. Loon uses the same spectrum as of some cellular companies which operates at the 700MHz to 900MHz airwaves similar to loon.

Additionally, this was one of the things that Google is doing in India, along with Railway Stations Wifi.


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