You can now explore space using the Google Maps. All you have to do is zoom out while using terrestrial view in the Maps till you reach the outer space. You can also have a look at the International Space Station which was added in Google Street View programme a while ago.

According to Google, the images used are the ones sent by the spacecraft Cassini which took off from Cape Canaveral twenty years ago. During its mission, Cassini sent nearly half a million images to the Earth for research purpose. Now, Google is bringing these images to the public in the form of space exploration via Google Maps.

You can explore the icy plains of Enceladus where the spacecraft Cassini discovered water beneath its surface. Also you can explore the methane lakes of Titan and massive craters on Mimas. And Google thanks Björn Jónsson, an astronomical artist who made this possible while working with the imagery from NASA and European Space Agency. It does not end here, Google also added Pluto, Venus and several other moons. Thus, you have a total of 12 worlds to explore using the Google Maps.

What are you waiting for ? Visit Google Maps and start your space travel right now. Bon Voyage.


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