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Google has now finally decided to bring Satellite view to the Google Maps on Android Auto head unit version. As you may know, the satellite view was already available in the phone version of Google Maps on Android Auto. But was missing on the head unit version.

For quite some time, Google was holding back the idea of bringing Satellite view on the head unit version. The specific reason being, it requires a large amount of high-speed data and users with slow internet connections will find it difficult to load on their device.

Earlier, Google indicated that the Satellite view will be shortly available on Android Auto‘s Google Maps. As promised, it has now arrived and will prove to be user-friendly as it shows greater details of the area around you. There is no update required and the Satellite view on Google Maps for Android Auto will already be available for you as a welcome addition. Users were expecting it from a long time and now when it has arrived. It would help you navigate quite easily when you’re stuck in a far-out location.

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A Google+ user, Roberto Mezquia Jr was the first one to notice the new functionality and shared some images of the satellite view on the social media. Did you notice this new change already? If yes, please share your views and feedback in the comment section below.


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