Google Maps Music integration

As you know Google maps app on both the Android and iOS platform is a very useful app. Today, again google adds one more feature in its app, i.e. music integration. Along with this Google also make improvements in the commute controls in the app. It is a big update for Google maps from the last few months.

Google Maps Commute

With this new music integration in Google maps, Say goodbye to toggling between apps and directly control your music from the app. Google makes Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music available within Google Maps. On the navigation screen in Google Maps app, you will see the music controls at the bottom with previous, next and pause buttons. If you’re using Spotify account, you can browse and navigate to your favorite content.

Google also adds new commute controls in the app. Now you just need one-tap to access live traffic and transit information. It will also tell you that the commute will be normal or the route has heavy traffic. It will give alternative routes also and on Android, you will get the notification about delays and disruptions on your route.

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With these new commute controls, you will get the real-time transit info. Like you will able to see where your train or bus is on the map. Moreover, In future, Google is also working on the feature which tells you how many seats available in that train or bus.

To use Google Maps with Music and new commute controls, you have to download the latest version of the app. You can download it from the Play Store.



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