Google Maps For Android Receives Version 9.19 Update With New Features


Finally, new driving Mode is available in the Google Maps app version 9.19. The update is live in the Play Store which you can download by hitting the download link below. The Google Maps V9.19 has brought several other enhancements and fixes also.

google maps

Detailing the Driving Mode and several other features:

Driving Mode: This allows you to set the app into Driving Mode and it provides real time traffic stats and alerts as you drive. Driving Mode is a clever new version of navigation mode that uses your location history and web searches to make assumptions about where you’re driving and give traffic updates and ETAs as you travel.

Timeline refined: Update has also brought many new features to timeline. Now you have the ability to ask Google Maps to use your search history and app activity to determine the actual location of a place whose address you incorrectly entered into the app. You can also have options to see your photos at locations.

Also there’s an addition of Audio Toggle in Navigation. There are also some new enhancements that are both visible in Driving Mode and navigation mode.

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