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Google Assistant was perhaps the first Google baked app to be available on Jio Phone powered by KaiOS. Just recently, Google revealed the intention to make its certain other popular apps as well available on KaiOS platform. Keeping the promise, Google has finally started rolling-out the first app as a part of this venture in the form of KaiOS edition of Google Maps for Jio Phone.

As you might know, the 41st AGM of Reliance Industries Ltd commenced a day ago with all its glory. The event marked the introduction of high speed Jio Fiber network along with the second generation of the Jio Phone. On the same event, Jio has also mentioned the upcoming support for some Google-suite of apps on the Jio Phone. It’s said that KaiOS edition of YouTube and Google Maps will be made available on Jio Phone soon probably by August 15. However in the case of GMaps, Jio Phone users need not have to wait till the next month for utilizing its functionality on the smart feature phone.

Starting from today Jio Phone users can access the nifty feature of Google Maps. Unlike the Google Assistant which had hit the JioPhone via Software update, the KaiOS edition of GMaps should be installed from Jio Store. As every KaiOS  apps the GMaps for JioPhone is merely of 1MB  in size. In fact, it’s a further trimmed app than the GO edition of GMaps. But, that doesn’t mean it is devoid of features, though not overhauled as you’d find on Android devices. The GMaps for Jio Phone lets you find the destinations, current location using Geolocation(GPS) and all other required functionalities that you expect from the GMaps.

It’s to be seen how long it’d take for the YouTube to strike the JioPhone. Similarly, JioPhone users are looking forward for the KaiOS edition of Whatsapp which too is speculated to reach the JioStore by August 15. Before leaving, watch this short video on how the latest GMaps works on JioPhone.


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