Google Maps gets location history feature latest Beta update


Google Maps is the most preferred navigation service used by millions around the world. Google is been adding new features and functionalities to the Google Maps app to make it better and efficient. Now, they have updated the beta version of the app with a new location history toggle.

Enabling this option will provide you more accurate details of your regularly used locations. It will notify accurate updates of your way to work, school, etc which you use regularly. Thus, you can reach your destination on time as it will notify traffics which you can avoid by taking another route. This feature will help Google Maps to learn more about your commute to provide accurate updates.

This new update also adds a new shortcut to the offline settings menu and options. The offline settings is  now available as a sub menu under the main settings. As usual the offline settings contain the same functionalities. Such as auto updating of offline maps, auto downloading of offline maps, setting download preference and a learn more about offline feature.

Some of the upcoming features are also hinted by this new update. Which includes new reviewing system for the places with options for ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’  instead of five stars rating system. And an ability to select a preferred station for your trip which will help you in getting results from that station on your next trip.

As mentioned, the above new features are and will be only available in the beta version of the Google Maps app as of now. The stable versions will be updated with these features sooner or later. Enrol yourself for beta tester in play store to experience these new features now itself.


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