Google Maps Go hits Play Store but doesn’t support any device yet


Google launched Android Oreo Go Edition along with the Android 8.1 release last week. To recall, Go Edition is designed specially for smartphones with low internals such as with 1GB or lower RAM. Go Edition will also come with mini versions of almost all Google apps known as Go Apps. Some of the Go Apps are already available and now another one gets spotted on Play Store which is none other than Google Maps Go.

Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go

However, the app cannot be installed from Play Store on any smartphone. The app page on Play Store describes it as incompatible with your device. Perhaps, it can be installed only on devices running Android Go from the Play Store. However, you will be able to install it when APK gets released. Till then, you can use this new app from Google via PWA (Progressive Web App).

To use Google Maps Go, simply visit the source below on Google Chrome in your phone. The PWA version of Google Go will be loaded, thus you can add it to your phone like an app. The Go version of Google Maps is a stripped down original Maps app. It supports more than 70 countries and basic features like different layers, location sharing, navigation, etc are present.

What are your thoughts on Google’s Go initiative ? Let us know in the comment section below.


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