Motorcycle navigation mode

So far Google Maps has been offering direction between two places by at most 4 modes of transportation based on availability. That includes – Car, Train, Walk, and Cabs navigation mode. Now, certain users are seeing a Two Wheeler mode section as well along with the other already existing navigation mode on the Maps.


Well, the new motorcycle mode is rolling-out gradually, at least in India. Meanwhile, Google is conducting a survey to improve the two-wheeler experience on the map. And, this ought to have a connection with the newly added dedicated motorcycle section visible for some folks.

Once the motorcycle logo on Google Maps is selected, if available. Then, it’ll provide details of the Two-Wheeler journey such as the distance of route, average time taken to reach the destination or simply the ETA. Google might have collected huge amount of data from local riders to effectively implement the feature.

Last week, suere’s in India were asked a question i.e you travel on two-wheller. After that, the new feature of two wheeler or motorcycle started showing in mainstream Google Maps. It seems Google has debuted the Motorbike option in India as of now. Well, we can’t confirm, you can let us know via comments below that you have recieved it or not.

As earlier mentioned, Google is seeding the feature to some users prior to its mass roll-out. Hence, it need not be accessible on your map. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to update your Google Maps to latest version to access new features.



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