As every possible iterations of Android Oreo are officially upon us, our eyes are on the next Android flavor from Google. Now, certain source code commits found on the Android Open Source Project repository tips us that Google might’ve finalized the first Android P developer preview build. If that’s the case, we could expect an official release of the initial developer preview of Android P soon rather than late.

The source code published, carries a title “The future is now (2018 edition)”, literally conveying that the codes are of the 2018 Android OS, which is none other than the Android P. Since, developer previews are specifically meant for developers and Android OEM’s, as it ought to be, the builds will be just the backbone of OS. Hence, a common user have to wait till the release of first public beta to really taste the Android P.

Recently, a puzzle game from Google developer has vaguely hinted the name of Android 9.0 to be as “Pineapple Pie”. However, as Google has the tradition of naming the new Android OS at eleventh hour the above moniker might be ruled out then. Well, if history is any indication, the 9th version of world’s popular OS, the Android P will be unveiled at the venue of Google I/O ‘ 2018.



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