Smartphone notch has been the latest and most trending design statement for all smartphone makers. The widely accepted smartphone notch-design has now compelled Google to make necessary visual changes in Android P Developer Preview. The most notable one being, repositioning of clock for notch-friendly notifications. It has been confirmed at Google Annual Developer Conference 2018, when an engineer admitted that the change is required due to industry-driven love for notch-design.

“By moving the clock over, we were able to create a consistent experience across Android devices irrespective of whether they have an unbroken top edge of the display panel.” said the Google engineer while answering questions to Gadgets360.

It also brings up rumor that the upcoming Google Pixel 3 may also feature a notch-design. It is quite obvious that Google may follow the design statement just like other smartphone manufacturers, which introduced their respective flagship devices with a notch-design. In the coming months, we are yet to see a plethora of flagships ruling the market with a notch display.

What do you think about the notch displays? Is the notch-design really going to be a game-changer for upcoming flagship devices? Do let us know your views in the comments below.


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