Google makes APKs secure

In some countries, internet connectivity is very slow. Due to such an issue installing and updating apps over Google Play Store is very tough task. To solve this problems Android owners share the apps in the form of APK’s offline. By doing this users can install the app offline without using internet.

But even though users can install the app offline, but the limitation is security. These apps are not equipped with Google Play security. And also do not receive regular updates. But now Google has planned to solve this problem.

Google will now add security metadata for top APK’s. By doing this, these apps in the form of APK’s will not only have security but also will be updated like the ones installed from Play Store.

Now Google through this security metadata will be able to verify these offline apps. And once the user comes online, these offline apps will be added to the Google Play library over the device. So then the apps could be regularly updated too.

This positive move by Google will help offline app users gain confidence as the issue of security will now be solved. Also the apps will be regularly be updated. The minimum size of APK’s will now be increased a bit so Google could bring up these changes.



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