Lets talk about a different Samsung device for a minute, this is the Google Samsung Nexus S and its made the long trek to space. Back in July we told you about the Nexus S joining the space shuttle Atlantis for its last trip to space. Today the team at Google has updated us with an awesome video clip showing some of the amazing work NASA and the Nexus S are doing so check it out after the break.

Not only did NASA give the Nexus S the green light to enter space, but it appears they chose it for its ease of use and for how open and accessible the Android OS actually is. Pretty cool coming from the geniuses at NASA right? Check out the video below:

NASA is using ground controllers moving and controlling spheres in space using the Google Nexus S. The device picks up data, sensor readings and more and sends it all back to the user, pretty neat stuff. Using custom software the Nexus S hardware such as camera, sensors, gyroscope, motion control and more all become the central brain for the robots in space. Everything neatly in sync using Wi-Fi on the device and shuttle being tied to the ground crew for ultimate control. Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

Thanks to NASA and Google we can all sit safely grounded to Earth while the smartphones and robots do all the dirty work. More information is available at the source.
[via Google Mobile Blog]


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