Google Nexus Space Smartphone Having 128GB RAM and 7.2 inch Display, Teased as April Fools Joke


Google has teased a new Nexus smartphone named Nexus Space. Google is preparing stuff for April Fool’s day as lot of developers are noticing a new section entitled “Reviews from Space” in their developer console.

googel nexus space

In console, there’s a 5-rocket-ship review from an astronaut named Alex Scott. The glowing review is sent from April 1, 2029. Well, many futuristic expectations from Google Nexus device have been revealed as the Nexus Space (codenamed nexus16) has a screen size of 3000 by 2000 pixels, with a density of 500 dpi.

Other thing that revealed here is that by 2029 it will run on 128-bit processors and come with 128GB of RAM but going to be run on same Android N version.

What do you guys expect from a smartphone in the year of 2029? Share your views via comments below.


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