Google may soon unveil its Android 4.1’s most talked feature, Google Now for Web. Earlier, In past also several rumors were covered about its launch but this time it seems that it is really coming. We will be waiting for some announcement from Google regarding Now.


According to folks over at GoogleSystem blog, a new page on Google, references Google Now several times and could possibly be Google testing out Now. In readable language above code’s first line states that: “get started with Google Now, just the right information at just the right time.”

Google Now for web would also consists same features as that of Mobile but with small differences. Another line of code reads,  “Google Now uses your Home location to show relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, and nearby places.”

If it gets online or gets included to Google’s homepage than it would certainly make an already extremely popular experience even more popular. Recently Google tweaked its homepage and its available experimentally on Chrome. The source above also gives an idea on the way the service might look, its taken from a Chrome extension.


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