Google Now’s New Update Lets You Control YouTube Playback With Voice Commands

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Google Now is the best assistant you can have on an Android device and Google keeps making it better by adding new voice commands. The latest set of voice commands not only brings more features, but integrates the app with YouTube. With the latest update to Google Now, you will be able to control YouTube playback using voice commands.

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To get on with this, just launch the YouTube app and then launch Google Now using the “OK Google” trigger. Then say any of the following voice commands to perform the corresponding function.

  • Pause” – to pause the video.
  • “Play” – to resume the video.
  • “Stop” – stops the video and also no buffering takes place in the background.
  • “Minimize” – minimizes the playing video to the bottom right corner.
  • “Maximize” – maximizes the video back to full screen.
  • “Exit”, “Close player” – closes the video while staying in the YouTube app.
  • “Skip ads” – skips the ad when the video allows it.

Not that these voice commands work only in the latest update of Google Now which is not out yet, so be patient.


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