Google Outs “Be together. Not the same.” Musical Android Ad


In a latest Android ad, Google is depicting a piano and its 99 keys to showcase a feature of Android. Google has used a tagline “Be together. Not the same.” to showcase the vastness and different cultured flavours of Android ecosystem.¬†Google has released a musical tribute of its own in its latest Android commercial.

As you can watch above, Google has used two Picano’s and one out of them is stalled to same note sound means it gives only one kind of sound or note. The other one is normal as it gives 88 kind of notes. Google explained this as:

A piano has 88 keys. Each one is different. But what if they were all the same? To find out, we took apart a piano and reengineered it so that it only plays one note: Middle C. Be together. #NotTheSame

In real Google didn’t spoke about Android but showed a great feature of Android through it.


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