Google Phone app gets dedicated video call button from Duo


Google Phone App, used on most of the Android devices as a native call dialer app. The app has arrived a new update which enables to do a video call from the Google Duo App. The new button of Video call is now available in the latest Google phone app version. The option is visible when you place a call in ongoing call.


In detail, the video call option shows while you make a normal call, and tapping on it launches the Duo app, switching you to a video call. Overall, we can say that Google Phone App disconnects your ongoing call and proceed with video call via the Google Duo app.

Even both the apps show different call logs when dialling. The normal phone call will also show the log along with video call log and the Google Duo will also show the video call log. Well, we think it is a good thing that Google is differentiating both the calls. But we think a uniform button should be there before placing a call to switch to video call.

It seems a long process but it is now possible with just q single tap. In future, we hope more improvement to come.

The feature is currently rolling out, and it may take sometime to reach everyone.




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