Google Phone v12 coding reveals Duo integration is coming


10 months ago, Internet giant, Google introduced instant messaging app, Google Allo and video calling app, Google Duo for Android and iOS platform. Clean and simple interface made both the apps popular in short period of time. Since then Google is continuously trying to improve both the apps. Google is also taking small steps to integrate Allo and Duo into different pieces of Android user experience. It looks like the next step of Google is to integrate Duo call logs in Google Phone app.

Thanks to guys at Android Police who did fantastic job to find out some code in the Google Phone app which indicates Google is planning to integrate Duo call logs in the Phone app. For reference, below small piece of code indicates incoming Duo calls will be marked as “Incoming Duo video call” and outgoing video calls will be marked as “Outgoing Duo video call” in call log.

The APK analysis also suggests that in future user can initiate Duo call from the Phone app. Right now, user can’t initiate Duo call from the Phone app; to initiate a Duo call user has to open Duo application.

Just like rumor news, this whole APK Teardown might be misleading or in future the application owner might change the plan completely. Nothing is certain unless it is officially announced or released.

Let’s wait and watch what happens?


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