The Dark Theme/Mode has gained much popularity in the Android Eco-System all these days. Since quite a while, Google has been in a venture to bring the Dark Mode on all of its suite of apps. The last GApps to feature the Dark Mode via update was the Google Contacts. And now, it’s the turn of Google Phone app to wear the dark theme.

The latest v26 of Google Phone is here with the highlight – Dark Theme support. It’s being gradually rolled-out through Google Play Store for Android 7.0 and above devices. For enabling the dark theme, head over to Settings -> Display Options and toggle on the Dark Theme switch.

Applying Dark Theme has got its on merits. Google has once, even acknowledged the benefits of Dark Theme in Android for whatever reason. So, if you are one who prefer to have Dark UI on, the device install the latest version quickly.

Apart from the debut of Dark Theme on Google Phone, there is nothing special to talk about the latest version when compared to the previous. Well, it’s worth mentioning that the Google Phone looks more appealing as well as easy on eyes when Dark Theme enabled.


Google Phone: Google Play Store.


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