Google Photos 3.6 makes video sharing way faster on slow connections


Google Photos has come up with a new update. Google Photos new update will allow you to share videos faster. The version 3.6 of the app will permit to share video faster for people having the poor network coverage. Google photos have received a new functionality.

Google Photos Sharing features

The lightweight preview approach is not new for Google Photos. The functionality of the version 2.11 was introduced back in the month of March. But back then, this version worked for image files only.

This is how it works, Photos will first backup videos in a low preview quality. The smaller size of the files will allow for quicker upload times. If you go to a good coverage area, your low-quality copies will be replaced with original high-quality versions.

The feature will be useful even when you are in a faster network coverage area. We can see it employed for the backup of 4K video clips better than those shot in full HD.

You should visit the Google Play and download the version 3.6. You should take advantage of this new feature. Currently, it is not available in iOS client but it will be soon updated. It is only available to the Android platform.


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