Google Photos 3.8 offers all-new Lens animation (APK Download)


Google Photos has seen a lot of updates in the past few months. While Google Photos 3.6 aimed to speed up video sharing capabilities by uploading low-resolution copies for sharing. Later on replacing them with high-quality versions. The most recent version of Google Photos v3.8 shows off a new animation while Lens is analyzing a photo. You must check out below video of the new Lens animation (set to some sweet tunes).

The older version of the app just showed up a white box with four colorful dots more or less like Google Assistant while analyzing the photos. On the other hand, Google Photos v3.8 offers cool visual effects of jumpy, colorful dots on on the image being analyzed. It is way more animated and looks quite fancy unlike the previous version which was quite simple and sober.

As of now, the latest Google Photos APK works on Google’s Pixel phones only. Google employees say the rollout of Lens to Assistant is a “few weeks” away. If you want to experience the new Lens animation yourself, you can check out the new Google Photos v3.8 from below link.

Download apk


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