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Google Photos is the default gallery app on a number of Android smartphones. According to Google, users look at five billion pictures in Google Photos every day. And users don’t just view pictures, they share or edit them. And now, with the help of machine learning, Google is bringing one-tap actions to Google Photos. This will help users to achieve the above-mentioned things easily.


Google Photos already suggest you edits, sharing and other options for relevant pictures in the Assistant tab. But now, Google is making much easier for users to perform those tasks with one-tap actions. If a user is viewing any picture, Google Photos will now suggest by a small pop up at the bottom tapping on which will perform that task. The suggestions may be to brighten, share, rotate or archive that picture.

Anyways, the one-tap actions will pop up only on relevant pictures as they are powered by machine learning. Further, with the help of AI, Google Photos can now make the subject stand out in a picture. This will be possible by turning the background of the subject into black and white and keeping the subject colored. This suggestion will be available in the Assistant tab.

Last but least, Google is also working on to convert your old black and white photographs into color ones just with a single tap. And the search giant is also introducing Google Photos partner program by which developers can use Google Photos on their products.


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