Google Photos getting ready for Google Lens and Timestamp editing


Google is updating its native Photos app to v3.5 for Android worldwide. For the common users there aren’t any new features but there are behind the scene preparation for upcoming new perks. An APK teardown has shed light into those features coming soon in the future. Chiefly, there are two things, one of them is Google Lens-related changes. The other, Timestamp editing in the Photos app.

Table of Contents

Google Lens

Now, Google has already made it official that Lens is coming, and it will launch soon (probably next month). Basically, it is the second-coming of Google Goggles baked into the Photos app. Since we know, it will be integrated into Google Photos, this APK teardown reveals some more preparation in the same direction. Google is readying an introduction screen to make users aware of what Google Lens will be able to do. There will be suggestions for use cases of the new feature like artwork, text & barcodes, places, and media covers. Each category will also be explained in a few words.

Apart from that, we have some strings pointing to interesting future enhancements including language translation, plant and animal identification, shopping, and more. Users will also be able to copy a text found in a scene or share it in another app. Below are some specific actions linked to texts.

  • Web addresses can be opened in a web browser.
  • Contact details can be added to existing or new contacts. Alternatively, you can directly call phone numbers, open addresses in a mapping app, or start a message to an email address.
  • Dates and times can be added to your calendar.
  • And finally, if you’ve got any text that doesn’t fit one of those known formats, you can launch directly into a Google search for it.

TimeStamp Editing

Google is bringing Timestamp editing to the mobile app. Although this feature was in the works in January this year, but it was left sitting for some reason. Now after 8 months we see, A set string with “editdate” in the latest update. So, it’s just a matter of time before we see this feature as well. It is, however available in the web version of Photos.



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