smarter alabums google photos

Google has rolled out update to its Google Photos app with new features and refinements. The new update is live in the Play Store which you can download by hitting the link below.

smarter alabums google photos

Google Photos for Android has added a new photo which allow a user to create a album of photos taken on a trip. After every trip, now, Google Photos will ask you to make a Album after every trip automatically. Earlier, we can provide this functionality only by manually entering the name of album and moving bunch of particular photos to that album.

Also have a look aat the official video about the Smarter Albums here:

Now, with the announcement of this feature it would be easy to make a memorable album out of it. Google said that:

Starting today, after an event or trip, Google Photos will suggest a new album for you, curated with just your best shots. It’ll also add maps to show how far you traveled and location pins to remember where you went—because it’s not always easy to recall the late-night diner you hit on your road trip, or which campsite you pitched the tent in when arriving after dark.

Now any album can be customised with maps, location, etc. There are further improvements like we can put in text captions.

SO guys you can scratch this update from the Play Store.


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