Google Photos v3.6 makes video sharing much faster


Google has just updated the Photos app to make video sharing less of a pain. Now, when you share a clip, Google will upload a low-quality clip first and later replace that with a higher quality image. This can at least give an idea to viewers what you are sharing and can spare them the pain of waiting forever. If they don’t like it, they don’t need to go through the pain of downloading an HD version.

The new update comes with v3.6 and addresses the low-bandwidth issue which is rampant in many parts of India including cities. However, there aren’t any other new features if you are thinking about it.

Google Photos is one of the photo gallery apps from Google itself that comes with the convenience of Drive storage that few other gallery apps have. Lately, the app has been getting better with Google infusing the app with its AI algorithm to identify photos and group it into categories. It is a really handy feature as the AI recognizes locations and objects and different animals as well.



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