Google Pixel 2 duo to provide faster charging with 27W adapters


The all-new Google pixel 2 phones are a buzz right now, another amazing news that adds on to these is the charging speed of the devices, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are to provide 7 hours of mixed usage with just 15 minutes of charge. Google is the first one to ship a power brick of 18 W in the box itself along with a support of 27W charging.

The Google Pixel came with 15W charger which has been improved to 18W in the all-new Google Pixel 2. In order to use fast chargers your phone should support the same and unlike other companies, Google does ship the fast charging adapters. Google is providing an 18W Type C and PD power adapter in its Pixel 2.

All About Type C in Pixel 2

Starting from Android Oreo, including Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2 all implement type C and the new Type C Port Manager in the Linux Kernel. Basically, the Type C Port Manager may help docks because of its alternate support feature. There is no headphone jack in pixel 2, which means better sound and better data transfer speeds.

Whats New?

The support for 27W charging from complaint PD chargers is all new. If you have a 27 Watt charger you can charge your pixel-2 two times faster than the charging speed of pixel.


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