Google Pixel 2 is around the corner, soon to be officially released. This time what we think Google Plan’s is to enhance their previous features in Pixel 2, whether it is hardware or software. Google is going to add various new features like providing a big and powerful battery, and a lot of storage simply means unlimited cloud storage.

Regarding storage, Google in its new device Pixel 2 will provide unlimited cloud storage for users who purchase any of it’s two flagship devices. The best part is that Google device won’t compromise on picture as well as video quality regarding unlimited storage.

So now, Google Pixel 2 users won’t have to worry regarding battery and storage issues. Apart from this, earlier leaks and reports have suggested various interesting features of this device. The device is said to have a dual rear camera and a fingerprint sensor on the rear side same as LG G6. When we compare the design of Pixel 2 and G6 there can be a doubt of similarity between two.

According to some reports, the device is also going to get front facing stereo speakers. Again there is a rumor regarding the display of this smartphone. What we have heard is that the device Google Pixel 2 XL will get a bezel less display. But for Pixel 2 company has no plans. The latter is expected to get 4.97 inch 1080p display.

So when we look at it overall, what we have are just rumors regarding the new device. What we can just do here is wait for Google to officially come up with the device launch soon.


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