There’s never been a single month without Google Pixel 2 problems since its launch. A few Pixel 2 users are now facing some battery and heating issues after updating their devices to February Security patch.

Pixel 2 users who have updated their phone to February Security patch took to Reddit as well Google’s own forums to discuss these issues they are facing. Though, the issues vary from users to users, the common thing across them is the unusual heating and poor battery performance than before.

Some users complained that their Pixel 2s start heating even their phones are in idle state. And for some, the device heats up even doing normal tasks like social media and checking mails. And as for battery life is concerned, it has been reduced around 20% than before. Also, the problem persists even in Safe Mode which means the issue is with system itself and not any 3rd party apps.

However, Google did not respond to the issues. But, hopefully they will do like always and at the same time provide an update to fix the above mentioned issues. And in any case, if you are a Pixel 2 user on February security patch, don’t forget to comment your experience below.


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