Google Pixel Buds

Back in October last year, Google introduced its first wireless earphone, Pixel Buds along with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. Until now, the accessory was only available in the US and Canada. But now Google Pixel Buds are available in Australia, Germany and the UK. The earphone will cost AUD249 in Australia, €179 in Germany and £159 in the UK. The earphone is available in Black, White and Blue color options. One can buy Pixel Buds from Google Store.

Google Pixel Buds features

Google Pixel Buds are compatible with both Android (5.0 or up) as well as iOS (10.0 or up). A single charge of Pixel Buds gives up to 5 hours of listening time according to Google and one can charge the earphone using its case as it comes with rechargeable battery (just like Apple AirPods!). Android users can invoke Google Assistant using Pixel Buds.

The earphone provides real time language translation (works with 40 different languages), music control, volume control, answer phone calls. Unfortunately Google Pixel Buds lack noise canceling. The best part of Google Pixel Buds is its capacitive touchpad which gives gestures based controlling to its user.

There are many other features which allows us to make the communication more easier. Google Pixel Buds are now available in the UK, Germany and Australia. This will lead to more integration possibilities. It will open new fields due to different linguistic and other differences among these countries.

Google Pixel Buds is the best wireless earphone for people who use Google Assistant frequently. The earphone is Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods.


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