There are many things that are expected to launch at October’s 9th Made by Google Event in New York. Already, we have got various rumours and leaks regarding Pixel mobile devices such as Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We also received some images of the Google Home hub a few days ago. Today, we have got a new information about the upcoming Google Pixel slate and overall Chromebook ecosystem. As per the leak, it is believed that Google will bring the Pixel Slate with dual boot feature, supporting ChromeOS and Windows 10 concurrently.

chromebook dual boot

Already, various rumours in the past have touted the same functionality for its upcoming Chromebooks. In the latest commit, guys over at 9to5Google have found that the Windows 190 is being tested on the ‘Nocturne’. It is the same codename of the Pixel Slate which is expected to arrive next month.

Further, Googler has added some notes and primarily, he has quoted that the “Windows 10 will BSOD early during boot […] with the way things are currently laid out.”  In a similar commit found earlier, it is said that the Windows 10 can’t be booted on the device. Well, from here it seems they are working on a dual boot device and they have finished booting and now working to eliminate BSOD display on Windows 10.

If Windows 10 starts working on the Chromebook, it would surely benefit the overall Chrome ecosystem and Google. Currently, it is not known whether the Pixel Slate will dual-boot or not, tehse are mere assumptions on the basis of a successful test of Windows 10 running on the Chromebook.

We hope if the dual boot arrives on Chromebook, it will outpace the Microsoft Surface for Business users.

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