Amid of various rumors, today, Miles Barr, its director of engineering for Wear OS, confirmed that Google is not coming with Pixel Watch. There were many rumors about the expected launch of the Pixel watch for the first time. Well, this will save the Rumors Mill from churning out some wrong information in upcoming months.

Android Wear 2.0

Today, speaking at Tom Guide’s interview, Miles confirmed that they are not building any smartwatch. Instead, they said that they are focusing on its partners for wearable tech, crafting much better on WearOS. Google will be working on the companies to accept the new trends. Such as in recent times, People have showed interest in NFC and heart rate monitor in the earables. So, they’re trying to cater the people’s expectations as of now.

There’s also another reason behind Google keeping their hands off the hardware. As every person have different needs, so, a single piece of hardware is unable to serve for everyone needs.

Talking about the future desires of the search giant, Miles said that Google would heavily invest in Google Assistant integration they go for building a watch. Their main purpose would be “to integrate AI and machine learning into the device, which is Google’s forte“, Barr said.

So, we expect a watch from Google next year putting rumors and leaks aside for now. How many of you were actually waiting for the Pixel Watch this year ?


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