All most all online Android games need the support of Google Play Games. Since most of the popular games are online and played by masses, we think most of us are aware of the functionality of the Play Games. Now, Google has released a new version of the Gaming Service app, notably bringing a new dedicated Arcade tab and some visual improvements.

The latest Google Play Games v5.5 may not be yet available on your device’s Play Store for updation. However, you can manually download and sideload the apk from the download link that we’ve provided at the end of this post.

Well, let’s see what all new things are introduced within this release. As some of you might know, the previous 5.4th version of the Play Games doesn’t bundled something interesting. Nevertheless, as earlier mentioned the latest version brings following improvements to the table.

New Arcade Tab For Showing Recommended Games

Well, this seems to be kinda “Suggested For You” apps that we could see in Play Store home, basically showing apps or games that we’d possibly like. Of course, the list of apps are generated by Google’s machine learning algorithm based on our recent activities. Similarly, the newly introduced Arcade section is dedicated for suggesting us new games.

The Arcade tab can be accessed through a newly introduced bottom navigation bar. Where you could see two options: My Games that shows the games that you play and the Arcade that we’re currently discussing. Once you tap on the Arcade, the section will be seen further divided into categories such as Your Next Favorite Game, Top 5 Games and Editor’s Choice Picks.

Minor Visual Changes Here and There

Apart from the Arcade tab, the Google Play Games is now wearing some visual changes. The changes are visible on Library, Settings, and new green colored navigation bar is present all most all around the app.

Compared to the previous v5.4, the font size and texture of the Library page is now little decreased and revamped. Whereas in settings instead of the tick/untick on each options we now have toggles for choosing. Have a look at the some screenshots below.


Google Play Games: Play Store link


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