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Till the date Google has introduced their Home devices, people are praising it like anything. For the newcomers, Google Home is a smart speaker that work by listening to your audible commands. We would not lie here as in Home devices there is a scope for improvement and one such part is support for all Google specific services. It is to inform you all Google Home users that their devices now support Google TV and Play Movies. It is the much-anticipated feature people are waiting for. So let’s dive a little deep into it.

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Google Home is used by the enormous community over the world. But now the problem for serious media consumers have been solved. Finally, you can watch your favorite programs bought through Google Play Movies by just giving the assistant a straightforward command. Already Google Home supports the number of media service including Netflix, CBS, Viki, Crackle, etc but the support for Google Play Movies and TV can be considered as icing on the cake. This may have solved the problem of those users who like to use Google services over third-party alternatives.

Google already supports services like HBO NOW, YouTube TV, Redbull, STARZ, etc. Now users can directly buy or rent movies or shows from Play Movies without any hassles. As suggested by Google there Play Movies and TV are standalone services and they don’t require any partner app to work. When setting up device correctly the content will be made available automatically. By making use of Google Assistant commands one can pause/play, change language(if available), enable subtitles of the media being played.


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