Google is rolling out new version of the Google Play Newsstand v4.0. The new version, after a long time, of the Play includes lot of new changes and enhancements. Google has fully reorganised and changed the look of the app.

playstoreGoogle Newsstand v4.0 has fully organised the front page of the app. They have replaced the Highlights and Top News with a cards based columns with individual subjects. Now you will be welcomed with the Weather information followed by Briefing. They have further added search bar in the App which fades away when you scroll down in the app. Similarly like the Google search app.

Drawer button has also been exported into the search bar. Drawer does not have more content to show, rather than Settings and About sections.

On the bottom of the app, there are four static elements, namely, For You, Library, Explore, and Read Later. Every element has their own functionality and features.

Further, now there are two main columns, Topics and second one is Digest. Topic and Sources gives you news from Channels that you have selected. The second tab, Digest is to aggregates the top three stories from each topic and source.

Search bar also gives you full information upon clicking about trending stuff.

There’s much more stuff that is crafted in ewn version of the Newsstand.

Right now, Google is rolling out update, it will take time to reach out to your phones. Until then you can download it from APKmirror.


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